Are you living your full potential? Why live with regrets when you can find your true life map and make choices that are in alignment with who you are? I am a Master Metaphysical Astrologer who will guide you back to you and your highest expression. Astrology gives us the gift of seeing the Divine plan for each individual. Like a road map for your life, or instruction manual, astrology reflects our multi-faceted beauty in a synthesized way. Most of us were not raised with proper reflection, meaning that our families and society usually only recognized certain parts of us...

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I look forward to looking at your natal chart and identify the areas in which you find your challenges and where you have support given at birth

Available Services

In-depth birth chart review including your personal current landscape of challenges, changes and opportunities.
Length of service : 75-120 Minutes
Price : $350
Identification and synthesis of your soul’s purpose this lifetime; clarifying your inherent supports as well as the challenges you are likely to encounter on your Path.
Length of service : 60-75 Minutes
Price : $250
Provides the dates you will experience challenges, changes and opportunities over the next 12 months.
Length of service : 60-90 Minutes
Price : $200
In-depth identification, review and expression of the third entity created when two come together and the parts which each partner plays in the relationship.
Length of service : 90-120 Minutes
Price : $475
Do you have any planets on your birth angle? Pinpoint, discuss and reflect your Maverick planets in ways that make sense to you. You will receive tools on how to best utilize your inherent gifts in ways that benefit you and the world. This standard reading is for individuals with one to three Maverick planets.
Length of service : 60 Minutes
Price : $250
Perfect if you have a question about a specific part of your chart and need insight.
Length of service : 15-30 Minutes
Price : $75
Using your birth chart as well as the current transits and your personal progressions to identify and resolve challenging situations and provide support to reach your goals. Options are four and two times per month for Length of service : 30 or 60 minutes per session Price : $350 - $1,000.00

Understand your path