Michael Bartlett is a practicing Astrologer in Santa Fe, New Mexico and offers Astrology readings.


This website is dedicated to helping you understand yourself utilizing the tools of Astrology. Areas of my website give background information in a way that helps you understand the different parts of Astrology and how these parts work and fit together as a part of the larger whole.


In my blog, I write about current events as well as various times throughout history. Please read on if you are intrigued to learn more about the cycles of the planets and their effects on you, your family and friends, the different countries, the planet, as well as our role within the grand scheme of things.


I believe if you do some research and then reflect on your life experiences, you will begin to see the beautiful synchronicity which plays out in the cycles of your life. This multi-millennium long science continues to evolve - often in pace with humanity’s own understanding of itself and its place in the cosmos.


Michael Bartlett is an excellent teacher of astrology with a solid, professional foundation in this ancient science. He brings to his students a profound sense of dedication not only to the subject matter but to the personal development of the people fortunate enough to study with him. I wholeheartedly recommend his scholarship and teaching methods.

Alan Oken
World Renowned Astrologer and Author

There are several things that make Michael’s astrology readings very special. The first is the blessing energy that shines through the technical expertise of the reading. Every reading is an empowerment. Secondly, Michael has a knack for making the cosmic effects understandable. He helps us to inhabit the aspects of our charts quite naturally. Finally, behind the explanation of the influences of the moment, Michael kthe big cosmic picture in mind. This adds depth to his reading of the present aspects at play. He delivers this powerful combination of warmth, understanding and depth every time. Invest in yourself by using Michael’s services!

Bonnie Bell
Co-creator of Source Power Art

There are few tools available to help you understand, let alone cope with, these ever changing times. This is a particularly intense period of quickening of consciousness and our world reflects these themes and how they play out on the world stage. Wars, revolutions, oil disasters, food and fuel shortages, love, prosperity, peace, death and transformation, humanitarian advancements are all parts of the many phased cycles correlated by the celestial bodies which orbit our sun. Take some time and dip into the waters of Astrology and see the world in terms of archetypal images and forces operating on conscious and unconscious levels.



I live and practice Astrology in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am available for readings in person, via telephone and Skype.


I trust you find what you seek here and look forward to hearing from you.
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